Land and Sand
Art Festival

Land & Sand Art Festival, comes as a novelty in Albania in his first edition on August 24-27, 2022, choosing Velipoja Beach as its location.


Ani Zlateva

Ani Zlateva is from Bulgaria. She graduated in Sculpture at Veliko Tarnovo University and has a doctorate in Art Pedagogy. Zlateva is a professor at Trakia University in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. She is a professional sculptor who has been creating her works with sand for 15 years, actively participating in many artistic events throughout Europe.  Ani Zlateva’s sculptures are monumental, large in size but at the same time very detailed. The artist creates realistic scenarios with many figures and perfectly illustrated narratives thanks to her technique and experience.

Ardian Pepa

Ardian Pepa is a professor at Tirana University of Arts and one of the most famous albanian sculptors. He is the author of many public works in Albania and beyond with which he honors many important personalities of albanian history. Among them we can mention: Gjergj Kastrioti, Mother Teresa, Françesk Radi, etc. Ardian Pepa, is a sculptor with a lot of experience in the art of sculpture, a master of many techniques. He is joining this experience to create for the first time with a delicate and ephemeral element such as Sand.

Ferenc Monostori

Ferenc Monostori was born in Budapest. He studied stone carving. In 2002 he was in Portugal to create stone sculptures, and a year later he participates in his first Sand Sculpture Festival. Since then Ferenc has been an active participant in the most important sand sculpture events around the world. Monostori has as the main subject of his work, the human body and the research of an aesthetic of the figure.The Hungarian artist says that emotions lie above the spoken language, so he prefers to express them through his art. In his many sand portraits we also find Mother Teresa. His art is related to the style of contemporary realism.

Maro Theodorou

Maro Theodorou was born in Kalambaka, Greece where she lives. She studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens. Since 2003, she runs her own studio and art gallery where she also exhibits other artists work. Maro Theodorou has a completely unique and simple way of conveying clear messages with organic and natural materials. One of Maro’s techniques is Ceramic. Each piece is carefully crafted in her studio in Kastraki, a village under the rocks of Meteora. Her inspiration comes from the majesty of the area’s geological formations, and her creations are named after them.

Nikola Faller

The croatian artist Nikola Faller studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and then worked as a professor for several years at the Academy of Arts in his hometown Osijek. In 2006, he founded “SLAMA” sculpture symposium, which later turned into a land art festival that enabled him to participate in various art events around the world. Nikola Faller creates his sand art between the tides. He says this fits in with natural cycles. Nikola believes art can’t disappear, but can only change shape just like everything else in nature. It is worth mentioning that his creative process has also appeared on the BBC.

Sanita Ravina

Sanita studied Interior and Graphic Design in Riga, Latvia. After graduation, she began her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Latvia, in the Sculpture department. She has participated in many events and artistic projects in Europe and across the ocean. It is impossible to define her art, as Sanita works with so many different materials such as sand, straw, ice, clay, etc. Also she paints and makes tattoos. Sanita created her first sculptures as a child in her little sandbox. A lot has changed since then. In 2019, with a group of 11 sculptors created the highest sandcastle in the world, of 17.66 meters which continues to be a 🏆 Guinness World Record.



Velipojë (definite Albanian formVelipoja) is a village and a former municipality in Shkodër County, northwestern Albania.


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