Information About the Festival

Land & Sand Art Festival, comes as a novelty in Albania in his first edition on August 24-27, 2022, choosing Velipoja Beach as its location.

Conceived as an outdoor festival, invited international and local artists will create their works of land and sand art over the 6 days in an open space in Velipoja.
Land & Sand Art Festival was created to promote these forms of art that are new to the local art scene. The festival was born with the belief that art has a therapeutic value that everyone should use to improve life.

Sand Art as a suggestive world to approach and amaze any audience group, and Land Art to help us understand our relationship with space, nature and to raise questions on important and recent issues on the environment.

By organizing this event, the festival aims to bring artistic values, creative activities but also to promote and develop tourism in Velipoja and in the Shkoder region.


Beskida Kraja

Artistic Director/Founder

Gevis Lekiqi

Project Coordinator



Velipojë (definite Albanian formVelipoja) is a village and a former municipality in Shkodër County, northwestern Albania.